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Pelvic Health and
orthopedic Care

for women throughout womanhood
Finally, the holistic support and guidance you need to address leaky bladder, pelvic pain, or related conditions despite age, illness, or child bearing consequences. Because these symptoms should not be a burden for the rest of your life no matter the cause. 
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Pelvic Floor

Physical Therapy & Wellness

In office and concierge options

I had some concerns about my pelvic floor, but ultimately Dr. Jenny found some issues with the positioning of my pelvis (that i knew about but didnt know I could fix) that was effecting my neck and shoulders and a host of other things Im sure. Little did I know that my 100s of chiro appts over 10 years could have been with a PT instead and I would have found much needed relief. I had no idea it was even possible

- Katie B

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All pelvic floor conditions

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Orthopedic conditions

Our Holistic Approach

At Femme Strong, we provide women with the hands on, one-on-one treatment they deserve without the hectic clinic setting or insurance hassle. Whether it's from pregnancy, menopause, or illness related conditions, we believe treatment should be catered to the individual with focus on a holistic, whole body centered approach. 


Time is taken to get to know the patient and how their condition is affecting them in all aspects of life. Depending on their unique presentation, we develop a treatment plan that suites them and commence treatments from there.

 Doctor of

Physical Therapy

Jennifer Santamaria
 Orthopedic and
Women's Pelvic Health

She is so easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and passionate at what she does. I learned so much about my body, how to breathe while exercising and simple things like carrying my child, and how to strengthen my body.

- Roxanna T.


Wow! I had so much progress with Dr. Jennifer. She spent a lot of quality time helping me through it all. There was no rush and I really felt like she was committed to working with me until the problems were resolved.

- Greta D.


Postpartum was tough to navigate but getting treatment with Dr. Jenny allowed me to bounce back, physically, and it allowed me to start feeling like myself again. She is knowledgeable and relatable and super easy to talk to.

- Monica A.

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