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Dr. Jenny is a SoCal resident who received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences in San Marcos, Ca. Throughout her career, Jenny has gained experience working with orthopedic, neurological, pelvic floor/women's health, and pediatric patients. She developed further neurological therapy skills while completing a two-month internship in Italy and has completed various manual therapy courses. As her career progressed, she developed a desire to do more for women within her scope of practice and thus the passion for pelvic health rehabilitation began. She completed advanced coursework to address women's health and pelvic dysfunction throughout varying stages of a woman’s life. Since then, her passion towards helping women address their concerns when no other providers could flourished into creating Femme Strong Physical Therapy.


Jenny is a fluent Spanish speaker and is able to effectively communicate with those who feel more comfortable completing their rehabilitation in their native tongue. When she’s not at her dream career Jenny enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her frenchie pups, and traveling whenever possible.

Dr. Jenny holding a pelvic model and smiling

Why Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Current research demonstrates that conservative, physical therapy interventions result in the best possible outcomes for those suffering from pelvic floor symptoms while allowing for long term benefits to be observed more constantly than with surgical or pharmaceutical interventions. These interventions include, minimally invasive treatments involving neuromuscular retraining of the pelvic floor musculature for decreased symptoms and a gradual return to the individual's preferred level of function.

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  • Are vaginal exams mandatory?
    Definitely not. One of our most important practice philosophies we uphold is that you feel comfortable and in control during your sessions. Therefore, permission to perform any internal treatments and assessments is always requested and you are more than welcome to decline if you are not ready for that. Besides, there are other ways to assess your pelvic bowl health- internal assessments are not required by any means.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Part of the reason Dr. Jennifer created Femme Strong was to provide women with the care and guidance they not only need but deserve. In order to provide the highest level of care, the provider needs to have full autonomy to determine what is best for each, individual person. For this reason, Femme Strong does not directly work with insurance companies. However, we are able to provide out of network superbills that you can submit for reimbursement at your discretion. Acceptable forms of payment include: cash/card, FSA/HSA, Venmo, and Paypal
  • How do I know if pelvic floor physical therapy is what I need?
    There are many sensations and symptoms that you can feel with pelvic floor dysfunction. I recommend you go through the attached questionnaire and see for yourself. If you can relate to various of the situations in there, you would most definitely benefit from pelvic floor rehab.
  • Does Pelvic Floor PT help during pregnancy?
    YES! Preparing your pelvic bowl for birth is one of the greatest gifts you can give your body during pregnancy. As you and your baby grow, there's natural changes that happen in your body however depending on your lifestyle - sometimes these changes don't come as naturally as we'd like. That's were pelvic floor PT comes in - through breathing techniques, mobility exercises, and safe strengthening methods it prepares your body for optimal birthing health and decreases chances of complications.
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